The metaphor of chess as a guideline for a course of corporate strategy, leadership, decision-making and problem-solving
An innovative approach to executive education
Luca Desiata is a corporate strategy expert with a passion for chess. An engineer, he is today Head of Nuclear Development in Enel, where he also worked as Head of International Strategy. Previously, he held positions in World Bank, Bain, Accenture. An MBA from Insead and several executive programs (including Harvard) allowed him to develop the contents and methodology of Chess and Corporate Strategy
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Lexy Ortega is the 2009 Italian chess champion. Grand Master of Cuban origins, he was the captain of the Italian women team at the 2008 Dresda Olimpic Games and the trainer of the Mexican National team
Anna Formentí is an expert philosopher with extensive experience as education coordinator for Italian and Spanish academic institutions (University of Barcelona - philosophy, University of Rome - government policy, Cervantes Institute). She has developed the Leadership Module of Chess and Corporate Strategy
Garry Kasparov

Our Chess and Corporate Strategy courses can be complemented by a forceful speech by the greatest chess player of all time.
"Strategic Thinking" is the cornerstone of his message. This "Master Strategist" takes you into the world of innovation, intuition, tactics, talent, calculation, analysis, anticipation and instinct.